Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

This was soooooo much fun to make. Yet at the same time it just about drove me to tears when I was actually creating it.

The event was a Bridal shower. The bridesmaid throwing the party gave me a swatch of fabric and said "make something cute - I totally trust you". Since she is a friend I figured that it needed to be something SUPER CREATIVE because it is a goal to impress all friends with wonderful things that they are deserving of. And then I found a picture of a cake with dresses like these on a cake.

Of course figuring I could do it I picked that as my pattern. And Good Gravy was I mildly regretting it when I realized I had little clue as to what to do with fondant when working with intricate surfaces and not simple flat lines.

In the end - after much self cursing - I won the battle and this super cute cake was completed!!

Marble cake - dresses are yellow and chocolate - Vanilla Buttercream icing under the fondant and on the half sheet cake. All yum!!