Friday, December 30, 2011

50th Anniversary Pontoon Cake

Yes - this was made forever ago. I really had not paid much attention to how many cakes I let "float" by without posting. Then I was sorting and organizing them (because they are beginning to fill up our computer) and I am finding that there are a TON of cute cakes I never shared!@!

This one was for a neighbor. Her parents were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and she wanted to tell a fun story about them. They live in Florida a good part of the year and go out on their Pontoon boat a lot.

On one particular outing they ran over a crocodile. Well I am not sure you "run" over in a boat - do you? Or since it isn't a car to you "boat" over? You don't "car" into things - the boat is "running" as it has a motor so I guess it is still "run" over. Geez. Who knows. Now do you see why I sometimes do not get things on this blog - because my mind zig zags around and then I find myself doing something totally different.

Needless to say - Marci asked for a Pontoon boat, with her parents inside, running into a crocodile. I add a dock and some yellow rope to fill the cake space up a bit. She said the whole thing was a total hoot and everyone is still talking about it (see if you wait months and months to post something you can then add in things like "folks are still talking about it at family gatherings").

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2 Brides and a Cake

This was a VERY FUN cake to make!! Interestingly the week that this cake was requested by my friend I had been gearing up to create a Bride & Groom in fondant, but I was being a bit lazy about it because I figured it would be difficult and I had enough kinda big tasks sitting in front of me at the time anyway. So I was doing what many folks do best.........Avoiding!

I searched 2 Brides on a cake and 2 Fondant Brides, etc.......and I found nothing on the internet that matched. So while I am SURE there are wedding toppers of same sex unions - I couldn't find any made in fondant. That led me to just start creating it myself. I thought leaning in toward one another and holding hands would be a nice touch - and making them sit would make my first attempt easier then trying to make them stand.

However, once I began to put the brides together (which I did several days before I made the cake).......I realized that it wasn't nearly as hard as I was thinking. I wish I had taken pics of the pieces going together, but as I said it was a busy week. So "End Results" were all that were photographed.

The cake itself was totally simple - traditional wedding cake - White Cake - White Buttercream icing.......easey peasey.

The dresses were surprisingly simple. Fondant draping with a synching at the waist. Then I added some seed beads and little pearls and a tiny bit of icing work. I was a bit afraid to make it more then simple for fear of overdoing it. First time out I think not too frilly.

My understanding through my friend who suprised the Brides with the cake was that the cake was a True Hit of the dinner. And that was the make something totally Fun and Cool that was the Icing of the Day.....pun intended. Plus - now if someone searches 2 Brides on a cake or 2 Fondant Brides - they might find something to look at!