Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding Bride faux cake

I was practicing making brides and cakes that look wedding like. This is what I came up with.
The cake is not real - just a piece of styrafoam. Primarily because I was going to use this as an "example" of what I could create in person form for any brides who might ask when doing a tasting.
And then I was asked by a friend, who owns the Wedding Gallery here in town, to do a tasting for a few of her brides and it was nice to have to take with me.
Her eyes are a little googly and strikingly blue, but it is a cartoon figure so it goes. What I want to do is keep working on this and turn them a little less googly eyed and maybe a bit more realistic eyed (if that doesn't make sense then just don't worry about it - it is Pattispeak).
Draping fondant is fun too - I thought the train would be the easiest part of making the brides gown, but it is funny how dang picky you can get trying to drape the train right and not split the fodant. Still FUN!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Littlest Pet Shop

I LOVED this cake!! A Girl Scout friend asked me to make this. Her daughter - who is a year older then my own - still loves Littlest Pet Shop - so she asked me if I could make her a cake with the horse on it. Fun!! And she didn't want any fondant. Easy!!

The result was of course this........I did add a few fondant flowers that I had from a previous cake to accent the sugary cuteness that is Littlest Pet Shop. Otherwise.......this is all Butta'cream baby!!

The real fun was delivering the cake to Kathy at the GS office. As I walked in with her cake her daughter (who is homeschooled) and hubby were standing there at her desk (Kathy works in the main entrance area of the office). Kathy about JUMPED OUT OF HER SKIN when she saw me. She was checking another customer out - but No One would have been the wiser to me with a cake box if she hadn't started hyperventilating and looking at me in a way that looked like she was trying very hard not to look at me. It was worth making the cake honestly. I simply walked in - asked if another friend was there and then walked into the back area and popped the cake into an office for her to collect later. It was a total hoot!!

A Wedding!!!

A Wedding! A Wedding! A Wedding! Yes, I finally was asked to do a wedding ............. I have been waiting uh....well like my whole life (as my kids would say - that always cracks me up that they are 5, 9 & 12 and will say "my whole life".........sigh - if they only knew).

Anyway - I have a wonderful neighbor who lives down the main road from me that has started a business as a wedding creator extroadinaire. She really knows her stuff and can make events fun - and or elegant. Simple Elegance is the name of her business. A few months back she asked me if I would be interested in doing wedding cakes for her wedding if the couple chose me. While I tried to remain calm about the whole thing I think it came out in my eyes that I was boggled with excitement!!

and then as we talked about the wedding cake they wanted they started with saying that they really wanted SHEET CAKES!! Many Many of them!!! Pink.......


Green...........and there was a Blue one too. Ack!! That was too easy.......4 Sheet Cakes!! Granted they were each in a different flavor.....but still - TOO EASY!! So I asked if they didn't also want at least a small stacked cake with some flourish - and YEA they did!!

A nice simple white cake with some fondant Gerber Daisies because that was what the Bride and her attendants would be carrying.

It was so much fun to create the flowers for the cake - and even more fun to deliver it....

Although - at the time of the wedding there was a monsoon happening. Poor Wedding - it rained and rained and rained and rained. I sat in my van for a few moments waiting for the rain to let us so that the cake didn't get too wet - but it never did let us. I am pretty certain that after I finished setting up it started raining even harder!

There was so much moisture in the air that I noticed my cake started to wilt a little. Heheehee.