Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rock & Roll Werewolf

The cake that ROCKED Dawson's 6th birthday party. My kids are direct - "Mom none of that fondant and I don't care what you put on it as long as I like it."..........which leads a mom to wonder - how do I know what you want as a decoration if you don't tell me. So all I had to go on was that he wanted a Rock N Roll Werewolf Party.
The main game we were going to play was Pin the Guitar on the Rocking I just copied the picture of the werewolf I made up to be on the cake. Tah Dah.

As you can see the kids were WAY impressed (hehehehe) least Dawson was into it.
But once you put a blindfold on the kids the fun began and everyone was excited to give it a try. Some were obviously not as good at finding the wall as others.
The Rockin' Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate cupcakes to make sure our food allergy friend had something yummy to eat.
and the Birthday Boy and his Cake...........where is the excitement man?