Saturday, June 4, 2011

Down on the cute!

Another fun Cake request I had was for a Farm Yard of animals. This was for another friend that I have made through Catherine and her love to share my cakes with others. Stacey is great and she comes up with fun ideas and she is very specific - often giving me pictures. She searched farm animals in fondant/gumpaste and sent me pictures of what she wanted. Originally she said that since she didn't want the expense of all the animals we would leave one of the 5 off - but who can leave an animal off - I just baked extra cupcakes without cost - it is sometimes more fun to make things then to worry about having the expense re-coop'd.

The most important animal she said was the horse..........done

Then this pig was just A D O R A B L E!! He was so easy to make and so cute when he was finshed - she was finished - he/she?

The sheep were cute too though. Dang honestly they were all cute! The sheep kept wanting to sheer themselves though - hunks of their white coat would fall off so I had to figure out how to glue the balls to the head - Karo Syrup.

Then there were the cows.........the original pic had them sticking their tongue out. I thought that was the cutest thing about it and included it. When Stacey looked at them she said "Oh my gosh you have them sticking their tongues out - that is so cute!!" when I told her the original picture was the same she was surprised.

The last animal wasn't really an animal - and maybe why it was bumped off the list. The duck. Ducks have to be included though - too important not to be - you can't have a farm pond without ducks and geese. So I made them anyway.

And here are the Farm Animals..............but where would they live?

Well a barn of course!! Stacey suggested a 1 dimentional cake that the animals could live around, but in my head it was a 3 dimentional cake.......she was open to the idea.

It was tiny. Just a couple little 6" rounds stacked and then carved. Easy enough.

I painted on the boards and then cut a few boards out of white to create the windows and the doors. Remembered the shingle work I had done on the Rapunzel cake and brought that into play also. I think my shingles worked better this time, but I left a gap at the top - that will not do if it begins to rain.
A bit of grass around the outside and a sign for the birthday boy...........Done! Thought about putting all the animals around the barn, but didn't want to risk losing any by accident.

These cakes were all Chocolate Chocolate Chip......always........every cake they ask for ..........I am putting Stacey in a "try other flavors" program. Vanilla Buttercream icing and Vanilla fondant.


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