Friday, July 1, 2011

Do You Know When State Farm Founders Day Is?

Nothing Over the Top Crazy about this one............but it is fun to know that I can do Logo replica's.

A few months back I did a few cupcake toppers for a friend who had a sister graduating from ISU. They were Red Birds (sure he has a name, but I am not great at knowing the names of bands or names of mascots - my brain is cluttered enough. I can remember the words to American Pie though). Another friend pointed out that by copying the mascot I could be tagged and prosecuted by ISU because they hold their bird tight. Which is probably true. However, I copy tons of licensed things........and when I google the ideas I see tons of others who have copied them too. Which made me wonder just how likely it was that Disney, Nickelodeon, STL Cardinals, Cubs or any other company would be sending me or the thousands of others using their image court papers - or how often they see how much thier image has been used and say "YES!".

Now if I were a big company mass producing the licensed item to a GINORMOUS profit - well then I would TOTALLY expect a phone call, court papers and a cease order. Since I hardly even charge enough to make a profit off any cake I won't worry about it for now.

Watch - Monday papers will show up after this is posted............where is some wood to knock on?

This cake was a Celebration of SF Founders Day. Half White and half Chocolate with a Vanilla Buttercream for my favorite last minute ordering Queen Taunia. I heard it was yummy!!

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