Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pop Tart Cake ~ Really?

I know - Everyone LOVES a Poptart for breakfast. Their yummy centers all gooey when you toast them up just right - not so hot that the icing burns your tongue, but enough that they are really warm against the nice cold glass of milk you drink with it. Geez O now I have to go grab a box of poptart's when I grocery shop next.

Yes he was totally serious. I said, "What kind of a Birthday Cake would you like for your party this year?" and he said, "I love PopTarts. Can you make me a PopTart cake?"

I said, "What do you mean - like a cake made with PopTarts?" and he said, "No, I want it to look like this guy." and he ran into the kitchen and came back with the PopTart box.


And so another unique idea was born.........

My kids really do think that I can make anything out of cake. I fear this might continue - in a giddy sort of excited way.....

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