Friday, December 30, 2011

50th Anniversary Pontoon Cake

Yes - this was made forever ago. I really had not paid much attention to how many cakes I let "float" by without posting. Then I was sorting and organizing them (because they are beginning to fill up our computer) and I am finding that there are a TON of cute cakes I never shared!@!

This one was for a neighbor. Her parents were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and she wanted to tell a fun story about them. They live in Florida a good part of the year and go out on their Pontoon boat a lot.

On one particular outing they ran over a crocodile. Well I am not sure you "run" over in a boat - do you? Or since it isn't a car to you "boat" over? You don't "car" into things - the boat is "running" as it has a motor so I guess it is still "run" over. Geez. Who knows. Now do you see why I sometimes do not get things on this blog - because my mind zig zags around and then I find myself doing something totally different.

Needless to say - Marci asked for a Pontoon boat, with her parents inside, running into a crocodile. I add a dock and some yellow rope to fill the cake space up a bit. She said the whole thing was a total hoot and everyone is still talking about it (see if you wait months and months to post something you can then add in things like "folks are still talking about it at family gatherings").

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