Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2 Brides and a Cake

This was a VERY FUN cake to make!! Interestingly the week that this cake was requested by my friend I had been gearing up to create a Bride & Groom in fondant, but I was being a bit lazy about it because I figured it would be difficult and I had enough kinda big tasks sitting in front of me at the time anyway. So I was doing what many folks do best.........Avoiding!

I searched 2 Brides on a cake and 2 Fondant Brides, etc.......and I found nothing on the internet that matched. So while I am SURE there are wedding toppers of same sex unions - I couldn't find any made in fondant. That led me to just start creating it myself. I thought leaning in toward one another and holding hands would be a nice touch - and making them sit would make my first attempt easier then trying to make them stand.

However, once I began to put the brides together (which I did several days before I made the cake).......I realized that it wasn't nearly as hard as I was thinking. I wish I had taken pics of the pieces going together, but as I said it was a busy week. So "End Results" were all that were photographed.

The cake itself was totally simple - traditional wedding cake - White Cake - White Buttercream icing.......easey peasey.

The dresses were surprisingly simple. Fondant draping with a synching at the waist. Then I added some seed beads and little pearls and a tiny bit of icing work. I was a bit afraid to make it more then simple for fear of overdoing it. First time out I think not too frilly.

My understanding through my friend who suprised the Brides with the cake was that the cake was a True Hit of the dinner. And that was the make something totally Fun and Cool that was the Icing of the Day.....pun intended. Plus - now if someone searches 2 Brides on a cake or 2 Fondant Brides - they might find something to look at!

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Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

Your cakes are awesome! I'm in love!