Sunday, July 25, 2010

Copying Is Fantastically Fun

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when someone gives me something and says "Can you do this?" Sure there is a lot to be said for just CREATING whatever I want, but when I am doing it for another group of people it is much less anxiety ridden when I can just bang out what they want. And Copying something is my total specialty. This cake was one of Those.

This summer the kids were in a play at the local community theatre. Fantastic Mr. Fox. This is the billboard poster. So so simple. So so easy to copy.

First I copied it in making Thank You cards from the cast to the crew/staff of the show. A tad time consuming cutting out all those trees, but easily done. In fact, doing the cards made my brain very familiar with the curves and design of the plays poster so it made the next task much easier...

Creating the cake that we took to the Cast and Crew Picnic. Mr. Fox was most easy of all the cake. Honestly he was also the most fun.

The only real challenge to this cake was that one of the younger actors had serious allergies. Nut allergies for certain, but there may have been other ones mixed in there too. Dairy and Wheat were not though. So the father asked me to be very careful in how I made the cake. I decided to look for a new chocolate scratch recipe. Give me an excuse to look for new things and I will these days.

I threw a lot of cake away that week. Too picky you think? I also sprayed down my entire kitchen with a mixture of bleach and water.......just to be safe.

Everyone enjoyed the cake tremendously. Yea!!! My favorite part of the whole thing though - overhearing Ben brag to those who stopped near the cake not knowing that I made it - he went on about how talented I am - made me swell up that I made him so proud!! Another really cool thing......everyone with a phone took a picture!! Never saw that happen with one of my cakes before.

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