Monday, July 26, 2010

Lemony Yumminess!!

Another yummy taste test cupcake.

This one was a White Cake from scratch. It seems a good deal of scratch recipes taste like pancake mix to me. So I am learning some tricks. Actually sifting the flour (as the directions suggest) can make a difference because there is less flour - flavor change. Also I have been taking 1/3 of the flour and replacing it with Cake Flour.

I have quoted WiseGeek in explaining the advantage of Cake Flour, "When baking a cake, most cooks aim to create a light, fluffy cake with a tender crumb. This requires a flour with a low protein content, as protein promotes the production of gluten, which can make baked goods more tough. It also means that the flour must be very finely milled, to keep baked goods from getting heavy. Finally, a flour which is starchy and able to hold large amounts of fat and sugar without collapsing is required".

Replacing some of the All Purpose Flour (even after the sifting) with Cake Flour has helped to take away the pancake flavor many of the scratch cake recipes give me.

Now after baking the perfect White Cake Cupcake I then hollowed out the center. Filled the center with a Lemon Curd - here is the recipe for the Lemon Curd recipe (gotta love Alton Brown) - and then topped the whole thing off with a Lemon Butter cream icing.

Ben took a bite of this cupcake and said, "That is what I want to take to school for my birthday." A new family favorite was born.

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