Thursday, July 1, 2010

SWING! Butter Butter Butter

Nothing better then baseball season. Right? Well for the past two years at the end of baseball season I get the chance to make a baseball cake. No one cares what I do as long as it is Basebally (is that a word?).

Last year I did a cake with a raised baseball on it. This year I thought perhaps we needed a bat........then as I began doing the bat I realized - Bats Are Harder Then Balls. Primarily it is the scale that is a challenge. Bats get very tapered at the base - balls are just round. Round is easy. Baseball bats done correctly are not round or stumpy. The last thing I wanted was to create a stumpy bat that might look so phallic it would end up on Cake Wrecks (funny to look at - but I am sure traumatic to be featured on).

See........easy and round.........topped simply with a Vanilla Butter cream..........just about finished. Gotta love Baseballs.

Baseball bat.......well at least it doesn't look like a penis right? But crumbly and messy with that first crumb coat - yeah yeah....that is why they call it a crumb coat. Thanks.

Next step.....the real pretty icing. This year the team was a very dark Forest Green. Plop on top and easily spread across the cake

Then, as normal, I kinda got into the decorating part and forgot to take pictures. Sorry.
Basically - iced the cake - placed the Bat on first - then positioned the Ball - piped on the stitching for the ball - did the lettering and edged the cake.

Way to Go Big Green!!!

The cake was the traditional crowd pleasing flavors - Chocolate on one half and Yellow on the other half. All Vanilla Butter creaming icing. The kids and parents LOVED it!!

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