Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goal!! I beat the Soccer Ball

A new icing is in town and it scored a GOAL for me in decorating!! Finally a variation in icings. Vanilla Cream Cheese icing!!

This was a fun cake done for a friends son. He was turning 13 and she asked if I would do a cake for him. Easy enough. I was thinking "how do you decorate a cake for a teenage boy?" Catherine said just to ice it - I wanted to decorate it. Knowing a bit about her son I looked for soccer stuff. Then came up with this cake. She said to go for it. In a cream cheese icing please.

Cream Cheese? Hmmm.....easy enough - it is whitish - I can color that. I didn't think about how it is stickier though. Do you know how many times I bump a cake as I decorate it? Enough to know that there might be a whispered curse word as I decorated this.

And there was, but only maybe 1 or 2. Overall the cream cheese icing was a splendid experience. So I had to wash my hands a few extra times - licking the icing off before I did was a nice treat!! Is my bottom bigger?

But the BIGGEST TREAT?? Catherine said that when her son took a look at it he got all smiley. Teenage boys getting excited about their birthday cake - now that is a World Cup kinda score.

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