Monday, October 11, 2010

Birds of a Feather - Part II

Step II for Birds of a Feather was to make the Birds. Now just like every other kids I LOVED modeling things in school with playdoh and that clay stuff that would dry and then you would take the item home to give to your parent as a very "special gift". So this seemed like a no brainer - loved it as a kid - must love it as an adult - right?

Problem.......I forgot that as a kid when I molded things for my parents their acceptance usually started kinda like this........"oh how lovely Patti - it's ahhh.....well it is ahhhh...."

Not surprisingly that is somewhat how my first attempts at making birds with fondant went. Kinda wonky. However, to start out with I was being very careful about how much fondant to color. Didn't want to waste it because I was going to need it for lots of additional stuff - yet didn't want to make too little and have teenie tiny little birds. So I did what you see above - I pre-badly-modeled some birds just to get a feel for how much fondant to color.

Once I had the colors set I was happy. Course the three days later I realized that I needed to make yet MORE fondant for the rest of the cake that was in the same exact colors as the birds. Duh it would have been smarter to color all the fondant at the same time............Live and learn right?

After a few attempts I started to get the hang of making the birds. I saw some online that I thought were really cute and I fashioned mine off those........certainly the original ones I was working from were done by a fondant sculpting master, but given this was my second time really making shapes - I am pretty darn happy with the outcome.

Here is most of the Flock after I finished them and washed the fondant off with a bath of vodka and some tiny sparkly flecks.
And thus Part II of the cake was finished. So now just to wait a few days for the birds to set so that I didn't mess them up.

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