Thursday, February 10, 2011

Girl Scout Cupcakes

Some how I kinda messed the pictures of these cupcakes up. So no individual ones. Pooh - cuz they were cute!

Andersen even helped with these. Again - always fun to be able to say "yes" to one of my kids helping!! She made the faces and the hair of each of the Girl Scouts in their tents.

These cupcakes went to one of our favorite Bloomington GS Council Coordinators - and definately one of Andersen's most favorite Camp Counselors! Sherwood, her name, is moving from our area over to be the camp director of another GS camp in the Springfield area. Sad for us - totally exciting for her! These were her Congrats Cupcakes for a little celebration they had at the office for her. I am not 100% sure she ever ate them........because I saw her post pics of them the other day and I know she is unpacking her stuff in her new house.

These cupcakes were a combo - Cinnamon Chocolate Cake, Banana Cake and White Cake - all topped with a Vanilla Buttercream and then Vanilla Fondant pieces as decorations.

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