Monday, February 21, 2011

So Many Valentines!

So many Valentine Cupcakes and there was so little time to actually post any of them!

These were for Andersen's teacher - and I think also for a friend to give to her sweetie......and maybe Ben's teacher too. Each received a 4 pak - except the friend who asked for 18 for her sweetie.

It was a quick and fun week.......but the start of it was 120 cupcakes for school events, a few friends wanting them for their Sweet Hearts and a few gifts for Teachers.

30 of these were for a 3rd grade class at our school. My friend Taunia seems to be in LOVE with white cake with white chocolate chips and vanilla buttercream icing.......I took the left over batter with those - made a dozen more - hallowed out the center of the cupcake - filled it with a cream cheese & marshmallow filling - topped it with a vanilla buttercream and OHMYGOODNESS!! That was so yummy!

Ate 1 and immediately packed up the remainders to get them out of my house as quickly as possible.

We also did 30 of this decorated style of cupcake for Andersen's class. Andersen is on the team of kids that includes all the allergies. So she has peanut allergy kids in her class AND egg allergies. Thank goodness it isn't gluten free too!! So we made a Vegan Red Velvet cake for her class. Surprisingly the cupcake was really really good! Her teacher couldn't tell the dif and the kids LOVED that the topper was pure sugar and edible.

These were the cupcakes for a friend and her sweetie. She wanted a few chocolate hearts scattered on - but mostly just cupcake. She did Vanilla and also Red Velvet.

Some people just wanted cute and simple - nothing to mushy. So a simple buttercream swirl with a touch of Romantic Glitter dust. Voila.

Then there was the 4th/5th bilingual class. 20 traditionally delicious chocolate cupcakes went to them. Topped half with cute pink chocolate hearts and half with cute dark chocolate hearts - sprinkled with sugar. Mr. Goeke was cute when I handed him his cupcakes. He looked at them seemingly surprised and said, "Wow these are really pretty."......yea!! Love it when I surprise someone with the decor of their cakes.

Then there were Ben's cupcakes. He really gets into this. He said he wanted a Red Velvet cupcake - after testing the Vegan cupcakes he almost switched to those - they had a SLIGHTLY darker chocolate flavor (if you can say red velvet is chocolate tasting with only 2 tbs of cocoa in it). Then Ben wanted the icing to have a "nice swirl" and he wanted them all sprayed with red tint (he love love loves the airbrush machine........only every time I use it I turn my hand colors in a seriously "that color for a week" way)........then he wanted chocolate hearts with a sprinkle of red sugar on them.......he is my favorite customer - knows what he wants - designs it - practically draws a mental picture - and then after inspecting the product created (in a serious way mind you) - he tells me how great I am when I am done.

Can't ask for more!

What a Fun Valentines Day!!

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