Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding Show Cupcakes

More Wedding Cupcakes!! Only these I tweaked a little from the first ones I did last year. See a friend of mine owns a photography business (this is actually a different friend then bought the Zebra cake) and she was doing a Wedding Show and wanted some cupcakes for her booth to give customers something to do while she talked to them. She said that the food vendors have potential customers mill around longer because they are eating food samples - and thought some cute cupcakes to eat would keep them longer then usual and also promote me.

I would have made her the cupcakes just because she asked - but promoting the chance to do a wedding cake sounded like a great idea!! This time around I made the groom a little simpler since I was making 25 of him. I did the shirt in a buttercream and a bow tie in buttercream also. The last groom had all those pieces done in fondant. Made for a quicker process doing them in buttercream. The flowers are done in fondant though.

The brides are almost the same - although I did the design on their dresses in a vanilla buttercream instead of creamy icing tints or pearl dust. And the necklace is not done in tiny candy pearls. But the biggest difference in these brides are that I painted the neckline in skin tone. I also did some cupcakes in a skin tone for African American brides, but they turned out looking a little more Hispanic. So in the future for a true order for a wedding (if I get one - cross your fingers) I would do the fondant colored in the skin tone desired and not paint. What I noticed was if there was the slightest crack in the fondant - that you couldn't see with your eye - when it was painted the tint highlighted the crack.

Still - SUPER CUTE and a lot of FUN!!

These cupcakes were 2 flavors. The Grooms were Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cake (yum!) with a Vanilla Buttercream icing and a Vanilla Fondant. The Brides were Almond Cake (new recipe - super good and moist!) with a Vanilla Buttercream and a Vanilla fondant.

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