Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crowning Touch

So as I have mentioned I have been dabbling in cookies. These are 2 that I used for a cake I should be able to upload off of my computer and post soon. I was wanting to mess with the cookies and decorate them, but not eat them. Okay.......I ate quite a few.......but then I just wanted to decorate some and not eat them - thought I would add them to cakes - hence the If You Give A Cake A Cookie cakes.
These cookies were the basic Shortbread cookie recipe. My favorite over a traditional cookie recipe - they melt in your mouth more and honestly they are WAY less expensive to make - no egg - just a smidge of powdered sugar - very yummy.

Another thing I have been wanting to do is mess with Royal Icing. Cookies have allowed me that as well - now I would like to find a moment to pipe some royal icing onto cakes - in a decorative pattern. Every slow week I say to myself "self I will make a small wedding cake with scrolly decorative piping"......and then either a bunch of cake requests come in (like this week - went from 40 palm tree cookies to 4 cakes, 3 doz cupcakes and the cookies that I am mailing - tomorrow hopefully - they are ALL DONE!! Just just just put the finishing touches on them not 5 minutes ago) or life gets in the way. But I really want to do some fun scroll work with royal icing.

Anyone have a wedding? Then I would HAVE to make time to do a wedding cake.

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