Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOW! We reached 10 in less then 2 days!! That was quicker then I would have imagined! Incentive is a former counselor and current mother of 3 I know this, but it is one of those things that when applied to ones own situation you totally forget it. this exact moment I am sitting on a beautiful porch on the edge of a moutain - at a very nice wood table - listening to turkey and birds and the wind whoosh through the trees and watching the sunrise over a mountain in TN - in the quiet waiting for my family to wake up. While the cabin we are staying in has a great kitchen - none of my tools are here and I have a date to spend the week doing things like ziplining and driving treacherous roads (that make my heart pound) up a mountain to the top peak to then hike back down with my family.

On Monday I will be back to baking for an If You Give A Cake A Cookie cake for my sons teacher to gift the student teacher because she has just scored a job in this horribly under budgeted teacher atmosphere our schools find themselves in. So her accomplishments are being celebrated!! I will bake cookies then and mail them on directly after. They will be in shapes of Stars as Pennie suggested.

I need addresses though. So you can email them to Promise not to share them with anyone......and if you live near to me then I will simply deliver them.

Now - I would love feedback on the cookies as until 2 weeks ago I have never really baked shortbread cookies. Although the people who have received them sought me out to say "more please" - so they must be worthy. And what are suggestions for more fun things like this?

Oh.......and the cookie pictured here is not my creation - but it is really cute right?

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