Monday, March 21, 2011

Goals and Following

OHMYGOODNESS - we are up to FIVE Followers. Yeah, I know the Evil Voice in my head is saying - Come on Patti 5 is kinda Lame isn't it? I mean other cake blogs have THOUSANDS - Geez O Bakerella has HUNDREDS of thousands!! You have 5.....and no matter how cool those 5 followers may be - 4 of them are directly related to you in some fashion. So don't get all geek'd out excited.

Maybe that is True I tell the Evil Voice in my head - but I have FIVE people who are remotely interested in actually seeing what I put up.........enough that they have clicked a button to follow it!! And that is the Beginning of the Positive End you Evil Voice in my head. I mean today 5 - four months from now maybe 7 - and then so on and so on and so on. Shoot - Mrs. Burns just pointed out that I have a typo on my Ipsy Bipsy Cake Shop card. Maybe once that is corrected (takes a teacher to notice a spelling error right? Because my IT husband who was hired to do the spell checking - he get free muffins (pun intended) - wasn't able to see it)the Cake Blog World Will Be Mine!!!

Now imagine my excitement when the Blog Reaches 10!! Shoot at 10 followers I think I will ask for EVERYONES address and send them cookies. Let's plan for that - what kind of cookie cutter shall we make the cookies in? What is a sign of success? Shamrock is luck......I cataloged my cookie cutters (yes I am a dork - I told you all this a million blogs ago) and it seems I have almost 200 cookie cutters - this is counting the tiny ones. So give me some suggestions of what shape these cookies should be in as a sign of reaching a goal.

Speaking of Goals........I have made enough profit off of cakes for friends that I bought my son a new mattress!! Okay I have bought other things too - like the payment of bills, but that is not nearly as exciting as a mattress right? Oh, it is? A mattress is kinda lame too? Hush Evil Voice - no one invited you here. Well I have also purchased a bunch of new bakery tools too. I could list them, but it would bore most of you to unfollow me - and that is working against the goal. Since we are Goal Oriented here let's not do that.

So in conclusion (because that sounds smart)......10 Followers and then Cookies.


The Gray's Kitchen said...

Stars--they should be stars because you're a star ;). Actually, I'll take whatever I can get--yum!

SEWerner9 said...

You are getting closer to that 10 mark... I am "officially" following you now, too!! :)

mjblaze said...

If I check the site (nearly) daily, doesn't that count as following??

Kathy said...

MJ: No, you have to click on the Follow. Lots more people are probably reading it, in fact I sometimes share on my FB page so I'm sure my friends are sometimes reading. I think it is the difference between just reading someone and "wanting" to read all new items. Following is more committed.

Don't feel bad, I have only 11 and 3 are related. It does make you feel sort of good to have followers.

HalfPint said...

Kathy I didn't realize you had a blog - I will find it now. MJ...I would send you cookies anyway and you know it - but following is fun! And you are all a hoot - we are at 8! And although I am still very close to 7 of you it is Super Fun!

Kathy said...

You made your 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO.. . . Where are those Cookies? ( LOL )

mjblaze said...

ok, got it now, but I never look at my gmail account, so I'm not sure what the difference will be. Oh well, I have added to my dear friend's numbers and that's what counts.