Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding Bride faux cake

I was practicing making brides and cakes that look wedding like. This is what I came up with.
The cake is not real - just a piece of styrafoam. Primarily because I was going to use this as an "example" of what I could create in person form for any brides who might ask when doing a tasting.
And then I was asked by a friend, who owns the Wedding Gallery here in town, to do a tasting for a few of her brides and it was nice to have to take with me.
Her eyes are a little googly and strikingly blue, but it is a cartoon figure so it goes. What I want to do is keep working on this and turn them a little less googly eyed and maybe a bit more realistic eyed (if that doesn't make sense then just don't worry about it - it is Pattispeak).
Draping fondant is fun too - I thought the train would be the easiest part of making the brides gown, but it is funny how dang picky you can get trying to drape the train right and not split the fodant. Still FUN!!

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