Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cops and Cake

This one was easy....yet hard. Sometimes people will ask for a cake that I have no clue how to make. The original request was for something that was Fun, but that was a Normal Police Car (the town, not the kind)- it was for a 4 year old, a 13 year old and a 60+ year old. So I figured cute, but close to the real looking car. Sent a few ideas and then got back - less cute - my original was a cartoon type police car along the lines of Speed McQueen from CARS. Admittedly probably not what a 13 year old of 60+ year old would want.

Switched gears then.......get it - car cake - Switched Gears??

Googled the police car in question......not easy to find. Too bad they weren't in another town because every bordering town had pictures of their police cars. Finally found one and began building.

The background obviously needed to be Blue. Why? Ahhhh.....because in my head Police Officers wear Blue. Is that in anyone elses head? Then I began to put the shape of the car up. Then I quit taking pictures because I got into doing the decorating and totally forgot about the camera. Sorry.

In the end the cake looked like this. There are a few subtle detail lines that are carved into the cake instead of done in icing, but it is hard to photograph. The windows I put some sparkly silver flakes to try to give it a reflective look like glass. Hubcaps too.

In the end the cake turned out very cute. Well....not TOO cute. Realistic enough, yet obviously still a bit on the cartoon side.

The cake was half Yellow and half Chocolate Chocolate Chip with a Vanilla Butter cream icing.

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