Saturday, October 16, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid's Birthday Cake

The story of the Whimpy Kid cake will start with this...........the only way I have figured out to day as to how to make a cake Half 'n Half. I put a cutting board in the center as a divider and then start to scoop the batter in from either side (one at a time since I only have 2 hands).

When finished it looks like this and I take the cutting board out and scrap the sides of it before putting in the sink.

Have you found an easier way? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know it so that I can have 2 hands to put batter in while the divider stays in place.

Once baked and cooled - the Diary cake was crumb coated with a buttercream and set to the side.

Now this cake is the FIRST EVER - Second Cake from the same design I ever made. Yeppers - 11 years of decorating kids cakes for them and I have never had a repeat performance cake. So I was very excited to do this. It meant that I could take from the experience of what "could be tweaked better" after doing the first cake and see if it worked out.

There were a few things that I thought could have looked nicer from the first cake - like the edges of the book. I will show you as we go through it.

Now keep in mind - I was very pleased with the first cake.........this is the first one - the difference in the second is this time around I did the edges of the book a little too long over the top edge - and the cover of the book is not attached to the spine of the book - notice the crack where the side meets the cover? Notice how the edges of the book over the pages is kinda droopy and a tiny bit cracked looking? That I would have liked to be different.

So with Diary Cake II I changed that. The fondant for the cover and the binding side are all one sheet - nice and smooth transition from cover to side. The edges of the cake over the pages are also different - I placed the fondant on the cake - cut the edges off adn then rolled fondant into a long tube and attached it to the edge giving them a more smooth finish. Much cleaner I think.

Cake I you can see that the edges around the book are cracking - and that the pressure of that edge over the side caused it to look a bit more like paper and less like a hardback cover. However - love the way the piece of paper on the front looks.

The edges are cleaner on Book II - but the paper looks a smidge smaller and not as identical to the original book. one really notices that much.

After those tiny differences there really isn't much to be compared. Both cakes turned out cute and they are so close to the same in the final product that I was happy with either. Hopefully more friends will say, "Oh can you do that cake again for me......." - not that I am banking on that though because most want something completely unique.

The process of drawing the cover with Gret dropping his ice cream cone. The detail on the cover (the brown edging and stuff) are all done with a mixture of water and brown food color that was then painted onto the cake. The blue lines on the paper were the similar - mixture of water and blue food coloring painted on. All the other drawing is done with a buttercream icing colored to match.

The final Cake ............ The birthday girl loved it. Yea!! Another win. Her mom loved it too. Working with fondant that doesn't really have to look perfectly smooth is so much easier then trying to find perfection - but getting to do the same cake twice certainly makes it easier to improve a design. Practice Makes Perfect.......Practice Makes Perfect.......but you can only beg so many people to let you do their cake.
This cake was half Chocolate and half White Silver cake.......with a Vanilla Buttercream icing and a Vanilla Fondant.


Anonymous said...

Incredible! I will be using this idea for my son's cake, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I loved the creative effort. My son would love that too.

Froggie said...

Love the cake. My daughter is 11 soon and I plan on making her a Wimpy Kid cake as she loves reading the books. I will see how I go. - De-anne

Froggie said...

By the way... a cake making friend told me I could use a thick piece of cardboard covered in cling/food wrap to place in the middle to do 2 seperate cake mixes. Sorry, I don't know an easier way.

Unknown said...

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