Sunday, December 5, 2010

Black Hawks for Jimmy

I have had the chance to tackle more Sport theme'd things lately. My own kids always go for the weirdly unique and/or animally things........other kids (boys Ben knows) seem to like the traditional sports things. This one was fun though......and I will admit to having almost fallen apart doing it from frustration, but in the end it worked out and looked pretty impressive.

My biggest hurdle was the part that was WAY simpler to make then I had thought. The Jersey! Goodness........this jersey was my slight fear. What kind of a template to the end I just rolled out the fondant and cut the shape of the shirt - and it worked!! The part that made me come to tears was moving it onto the cake though - no spatula big enough for a jersey to fit a 1/2 sheet cake and the arm started to tear off during the process.
What to do What to do.........well fondant is I wetted the ripped area down and started to smooth the tear together - kinda like water and sugar welding. Also put a smidge of buttercream over the top to make the sugar look smoother. AND IT WORKED!!

The only other hardship was that I was in a time crunch and didn't roll the fondant out large enough to cover a 1/2 sheet. This was my first time trying to cover a cake that large. Instead of rerolling the fondant I just said a curse word (my automatic backup plan) and then cut the fondant so it only fit the side - piped on some black buttercream - rolled out some red fondant to use as edging around the cake - and that was that. I actually thought that looked nicer then the original "all white" idea. Made it look less girly - if that is possible.
All the fondant sports equipment I made a few days earlier. So they were all hard and solid for standing up like I posed them on the sides - and for on the top of the cake so they didn't sag and look unreal.
Ben said the kids loved it at the Ice Skating Party. So TAH DAH!! I would bet that I redo this cake another time in the future too.
This cake was Half White cake and Half Chocolate Chocolate Chip cake.........Vanilla Buttercream icing inside and a Vanilla Fondant with tinted Buttercream for the deocrations. Yum!

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