Thursday, December 2, 2010

Contrast in Chocolate Cake

So I had this extra cake...........and I wasn't totally certain what to do with it........but I wanted to show another "something" that I do - and I had about 30 minutes to finish it. What to do what to do........make something chocolate to decorate the outside? Sure - why not - that is easy enough.

I iced the outside in a chocolate buttercream so it made sense that the chocolate I used for contrast on the outside would need to be white. I melted down some white chocolate chips and piped them into an odd shape - wasn't really going for anything - just something kind different and funnish.

Then I tacked them onto the ouside of the cake. Honestly......this was one of those pieces of art that you finish and go "Uhh...." and figure it is going to be sitting around your house for awhile. You walk away - you come back and it seems less weird and you are maybe a smidge more proud of it....... I took it so the Craft Show to put on my bakery table.......and dang if it wasn't the second cake out of the 5 I had to go. The person was "inspired" by the shape and contrast to share it with her
I so don't know art I guess - even when I create it. I would have sworn the Owl cake would have been the first to go.
This cake was a White Cake on the inside - Chocolate Buttercream on the outside and White Chocolate for the Deco.

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