Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bronwen & Ron's Pea Pods

I know that you have seen a similar picture the 2 Turkey's post. I did a few cakes and cupcakes that week, but I never got around to finishing the posts for them.

This particular round of cake was for my little sisters baby shower. I used all those little sage colored balls and the fleshy/pink colored balls for the fondant pea pods that I created. In all I rolled 140 flesh balls and 280 sage balls.

Then I cut out a circle in more sage fondant.......stretched it just a bit (sorry pictures are hard to remember to take when you are in the "doing" of things)........placed 3 peas into the center of each circle and then closed the circle up and pinched the ends......

Tah Dah...........a pea pod is born!

This is the finished product. The pea pods traveled with me to St. Louis for the party.........that is where all our family lives......and I drew little eyes and mouths on each flesh pod. So they look like little babies - the traditional "pea in the pod" thought.

Easily I popped one pea pod on top of each cupcake. This made serving at the baby shower so much easier. No plates, no Forks, hardly even a napkin!

We just set a table up with various leveled serving dishes........filled the table with the cupcakes and Voila!! Easy Dessert Service.

These cupcakes were half Pumpkin with Cinnamon Buttercream icing and half Chocolate Chocolate Chip with Vanilla Buttercream icing..........and all had a Vanilla Buttercream Fondant Pea pod topper. Fun!!

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