Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wrigley Field Cake

This cake was fun and I thought would be relatively easy. However, not having ever seen the famous Wrigley field sign I didn't have a true understanding of what it looked like and found myself blank in the head about it. (No comments from those of you who often see me blank in the head).

So I started by carving the cake based on a picture of the sign I found on the Internet and a picture of another cake I was copying.

Then I iced the cake once with a crumb coat..........followed up by doing the edges in black.

After that I kinda got into doing it.......found the lettering a bit frustrating.....I wanted so badly to get it perfect that it got into my blank head and became a fixation. This is where sometimes fondant is easier then using buttercream - fondant I can use an alphabet cookie cutter and simply cut the letters out.......with buttercream I need to try to replicate writing styles that aren't my natural handwriting.

Once finished though it become easier to NOT look at the fact that the OM in "HOME" isn't all I wish it were and that each identical letter isn't actually identical to one another.
And instead just see the finished cake - which resembles the goal and makes others pretty excited to see.
This cake was a Spice cake with Vanilla Buttercream. Yum!
That is the real goal right........making a party fun with a cool cake. Tah Dah!


Season said...

how big of a cake pan did you use for this?

Season said...
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