Saturday, January 29, 2011

Underwater Musical First Birthday

This is my first cake for a total stranger. Sure they know a friend of mine, but basically they were going on Barbara's suggestion that I could make a nice cake for them. The mom said it was a First Birthday for her daughter and they were having it at KinderMusik and she wanted an Underwater theme with musical notes. Hmm.....

So I googled it. And found that there were a TON of Underwater theme'd cakes, but none with musical notes - so we decided to go with Underwater and add musical notes - easy enough.

Oh - and there were 2 cakes needed. One for tearing apart by the little one and one for eating. My thought was a 1 year old might have trouble ripping apart a fondant cake - but at the same time giving a 1 year old a cake iced in blue buttercream might stain what was likely a really cute birthday outfit. Being a non-messy mom I thought fondant was the lesser of the two evils.

After laying the fondant I popped on some underwater friends. All of them were made from fondant and set to dry for a day before placing on the cake.

Walrus, some sea coral, anemones, bubbles - do these look like bubbles? Maybe more like pearls?

Oh and there are some of the musical notes - and the things that look like clouds when up close looked more like waves when further away. And in the back there is a stingray - he was my personal favorite.

Some shark fins along the sides with a few more musical notes and a sea plant or two. And down on the table you can see my handy dandy edible marker - LOVE those things!!

Then there was the babies cake - it was very cute - much smaller so it couldn't hold as many sea creatures.

Although I failed to take a picture of it - I also made a one dimensional sign that said ONE in letters - different colors with bubbles and fish on it. I was hoping to receive a pic of it placed on the cake - it went in the space right behind the Octopus and next to the Stingray.

Sadly when I delivered the mom wasn't there - only my friend was there setting up for the party - although I was happy to see her. My understanding is that the cakes were a hit and the mom loved them - she emailed me later.

These cakes were White Cake with a Vanilla Buttercream icing and Vanilla Fondant cover with fondant figures.

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