Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confirmation Mosaic

So it is that time of hear........Confirmations, First Communions, many fun celebrations. A friend asked me if I would make a Confirmation cake for her son. Well originally in my head when she asked I thought it was for her daughter - and I proposed a nice white cake with a pink background and beautiful small was really pretty in my head.

And she totally agreed - but then she pointed out it was for Nate and not for her daughter so Blue themed might work a bit better. I poked around on the internet to see if anyone had come up with a brilliant idea for making a cake seem less girly for Confirmation. And I found a cake that wasn't for Confirmation - but it was a mosaic. This made me think of my friend Jeanette and all the beautiful mosaic's she does on her blog - Jeanette Eats Spaghetti and an idea was born. That is what I love about this cake art hobby - you literally can bring any other craft you do into a cake decoration.

I knew it would take me forever to do a mosaic all over the top of the cake - so I just did a small border of pieces around the main focal point of the cross. Which, by the way, I printed my own stencil out on paper ...........

So I did the most eye catching piece of mosaic on the side of the cake. Now......if you clicked over to Jeanette's blog and looked at the lovely tray that she mosaic'd (is that a word?) then you will see she used all her empty space. Me - not so much. But it was my FIRST time doing a mosaic. Now I would love love love to do something outside in our yard this summer. I am already looking about plates to break........

This cake was Chocolate with Vanilla buttercream icing and a touch of vanilla fondant.