Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girl Scout Bridging Time........

Seems like lately I have been getting the option of making cakes with buttercream again. Nice and fun and honestly ....... a bit less stressful. Although both mediums are a hoot.

This cake had an added element of fun. My friend, Julie, asked me to do the cake - but then she added in that she also wanted to watch me do the cake.........which I will be honest about made me a bit nervous to have someone intentionally watching me do a cake. My kids - yes. My mom - yes. My mother-in-law - yes. Hubby - yes. Anyway - the point is that no one has ever really stood and watched. But it was someone who wouldn't make fun of me and someone to talk to that wasn't 11 and under - so bonus right?

Julie came over and the cake decorating began. She was such a cool cheerleader to have!! And then even better..........she wanted to try it out. So this went from my doing a cake for her and her watching to HER doing the cake too!! She helped with most of the center art. I started it and she said I was making it look so easy (which it is) that she wanted to try - so she did. And she seemed tickled that it really was easy. See if you can draw.......then you can draw with any medium - icing is just another type of pencil and cake is just another type of canvas.

In fact - Julie also did all the names of her Girl Scout troop. And then the next week she made a cake for a little girl who is very special to her (and I was jealous because I love the spunky little Bailey and had secretly hoped to make a cake for her) - but Julie's cake was dead on fabulous Rapunzel!!

So maybe some day Julie and I can start a business?

This cake was half Chocolate and half White. Vanilla buttercream for the icing AND for the decorations! Great job Miss Julie!!


Kathy said...

I'll bet you could start a business. If you have offices in your area you could do the department birthday cakes and deliver them, you could do platters with all sorts of little pretty cakes for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday gatherings, etc. Maybe you could contract with another business that might need cakes on occasion like party centers, rental places (for events). I think there are lots of opportunities.

HalfPint said...

I am considering Kathy. We have looked loosely into licensing. There are a few ways to go - but all would probably cost at minimum $20,000 to begin and that is with a pre-set bakery moving into really. Not an easy task in our area and 2 of my friends have started bakeries. The thing that worries me most is they both closed, but 1 closed because she lost her life and never saw her family trying to fill order - the other because her mom had a stroke and she couldn't support her and the time it took for the business. So when D goes to Kindergarten I am going to figure out what I want to do - go back into social work or look into licensing or working for another person doing cakes. Our neck of the world is a pop of about 150,000 when the college kids are here and such that people want them, but want to pay Walmart prices.
Thanks for your confidence in me though! and Gina says you want to come visit together this summer - that would be fun!