Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it Legal for Thomas to have Beer?

This was a cake I did quite some time ago. I posted it to Facebook, but never on the blog here. Thought I would upload these pictures for anyone who might wander in here and look for a train cake.

Now - this is really cool looking........this is Pre- TheMat (Ihaven't posted about TheMat yet have I?), but my fondant overlay isn't terrible.

My friend asked for Thomas drinking a Beer. Thomas was her son's favorite character when he was a little kiddo. And of course the big milestone for turning 21 is to have a legal drink. I wasn't quite sure how I could make Thomas look like he was drinking a beer since he doesn't have arms. While my imagination is GREAT - my sculpting skills are still developing. So it seemed to make sense to have Thomas carrying a beer.

Also - I googled Thomas Train Cakes and found a lot of clever ideas - the best (in my opinion) I included. What a clever way to show a tunnel.......boulders....tree's......add a few birds for color.

Since the focal point was going to be on the Thomas image and the Beer - the side images were just Icing On The Cake so to speak - and Pun TOTALLY intended.

It was a lot of fun to make. The most fun piece to create was the beer.

This cake was White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Vanilla Fondant. No Magic Dust - because 21 years ago there was no Lady and no Magic Dust. A bit of Trivia for you - this cake was Old School Thomas.

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