Monday, November 29, 2010

1st & 10 - Bet we'll do it again.......

Cupcake Time Again!! The whole time I was making this cupcake I was thinking - "Bet someone will ask me to do this one again".......which made me start chanting a cheerleader ditty we did in highschool........"First and Ten do it again........move that ball!"

Originally my friend - who ordered them for her son - wanted 13 White and 13 Chocolate. I thought about that........kid standing there in the middle of class to hand out his birthday treats and half are chocolate half are white...........that is a lot of negotiating - "I want a chocolate one" - "I don't like"...."Jimmy I will be your friend if you......." So I suggested to my friend to pick just one flavor to keep it easy to pass out. She agreed and went chocolate.

Then on the way to religion class one night the Birthday Boy talked about his order and told me they were half white half chocolate. I let him in on the conversation his mom and I had and he said he really really wanted to make sure every person got what they wanted - and asked if I could make each cupcake half and half. How can you pass that request up? I mean he is the Birthday Honoree and HE is trying to make sure everyone else gets what they want.
Too Sweet - Order Changed - Mom was updated - All was good!

Although often times when you put something on top that is decorative - the kids don't even notice the cake flavor. And really if we are being honest - most of the kids suck the icing off the top and toss the cake. For the under 10 set the cupcake is often just a carrier for the icing.
These cakes were obviously half White cake and half Chocolate......with a Chocolate Buttercream icing and a Vanilla Buttercream grass & Vanilla Fondant football on top.
Total Goal!!

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