Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laptop Cake - OMGOODNESS!!

I am starting to do some cakes that I thought were very cool, but probably not possible for me to do. Well, if I am being honest it is not that I thought they weren't possible, I just thought that I would fall apart doing them and not ever want to take a photo of them.........yet I am turning them out!! Maybe I can do an impressive business in my future??

This cake was for a friends daughter. Her name is Carly and she loves iCarly - and like my daughter I guess she wants a laptop. In fact, as I started to pull up other laptop cakes Andersen said, "Mom am I getting a laptop for Christmas?".......always good to be hopeful I guess.

The photos on this are spotty - it was a school party day and I had a few other cakes to finish. So since my attention was divided I wasn't remembering to take photos. I completely forgot to photograph the "top" of the laptop - paying too much attention to doing it to remember to take a picture. However, I covered the "computer" part of the laptop with fondant.......

PERFECT EDGES!! Yes, I am completely obsessed still with the thought of perfect edges. Surely in the near future when I am just doing them each time I won't be so over the top in love with the idea of having made them perfectly. Maybe. Probably.........they are perfect edges!! how can I not be excited after all the tears from fondant having defeated me?
Perfect Perfect Edges.........Perfect Perfect Edges..........
Yes, I am completely aware that I am ticking off Fate right now and most likely Fate will take me to my knees for the cake I am doing fondant on this weekend. Or others would say "self fulfilling think you will fail and you will fail".......yet others will say God will get me for vanity.....still PERFECT EDGES.......whooo hoooo!!
The base of the cake was a 1/4 sheet covered in Buttercream.....simple enough. Then I popped the laptop base on there and popped the keyboard on that. My original keyboard was apparently too thin for the members of my family to approve it - so I went back and made a "thicker" version. And yes, based on my own keyboard the keys are correct.

A little decorating of the base and the lettering going onto the keyboard. However, now the keyboard is correct, but the lettering is not physically possible (for me at least) to do with even the smallest fondant I improvised some of the words and did some symbolism for some meanings. Honestly - I doubt a single kid at the party noticed. If there was an IT techie there perhaps she/he did, but I doubt they cared.

Lid of the laptop in I have yet to venture into rice crispy treats on a cake. I will be doing that for a top hat lapel soon, but on this particular week I used a piece of Styrofoam covered in fondant. The photo is also non-edible. I do not have an edible photo printer - probably years from that.
After everything was ready I put wood skewers going from the base of the lid into the cake - going deep enough to hit both cakes to hold the lid in place.

and........TAH DAH!! A cute laptop cake!! The birthday girl's mom said she LOVED it!
This cake was Chocolate Chocolate Chip with a Vanilla Buttercream base - the laptop was a White Silk cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Vanilla Fondant.


Anonymous said...

M said, "Who made that??!!" She was totally impressed! CB

Kenna said...

Wow good Job :)

Lee-Ann said...

Absolutely Awesome! And thank you so much for sharing, it really makes it look a lot easier than it would seem :). This i'm going to have to try

Empressn27 said...

OMG!!! My niece will love this (she's turning 7). I am sort of a beginner with baking and you made this look fun easier than I would have thought. I CAN DO IT, I KNOW I CAN :-), Hope u don't mind


Anonymous said...

I am planning on doing this cake for next weekend. Thanks for tutorial. Can you please tell me where did u buy this rectangle shape Styrofoam?