Friday, January 7, 2011

Spidey & Green Goblin..........ewwww

Ben says I have had too many GIRLY cakes on Ipsy Bipsy lately. So I thought I would toss in something I see as Agressively BOYLY. Now at our house we tend to have Birthday Weeks. Maybe this isn't normal, but generally there is the Birthday DAY - which gets a cake - then the Birthday SCHOOL celebration - which gets cupcakes - and then a Birthday PARTY - which gets a cake - and if we are lucky a Birthday GRANDPARENTS day - which gets a cake.

This cake was for the Birthday GRANDPARENTS celebration that Dawson got when Nanny came to town with 2 of his cousins. He had begged for days for a Green Goblin cake. Now you Boyly's may scoff at this - but I had no clue what the Green Goblin looks like - and it has been enough time since Spider Man 1 that there is little out there in his image.

But I did find this poster of him. So I went with that. Baked a square - topped it with black fondant for a background that I could wipe icing off of easily since I expected to mess up not "feeling" the Goblin's image well enough in my head. Does that sound dorky?
With all the craziness of the week - Andersen was in a local musical and it was final show prep and performances - people coming to town to see it - school ending - Christmas coming - I didn't actual ice this cake until Midnight.........nice right? While Dave and Nanny talked about heavy life stuff even. So I think it turned out pretty Spot On!!
This cake was a Spice Cake - Vanilla buttercream fondant - Vanilla buttercream icing

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