Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Sweet It Is!!

I thought it was Very Very Sweet that my friend, Sheri, signed up immediately to follwo my blog. She is one of the Bestest........but I didn't think much about "followers" - that is until I noticed that there are now 2 FOLLOWERS!!

Thank You Kathy, who is my wonderful Brother-in-Laws Sister-in-Law - so does that make you my Sister-in-Law to the 2nd Power?

Either way - apparently Followers were a bigger deal in my Subconscious then I even knew - how fun!!


Kathy said...

I'm not sure what the relationship is technically but it's all family! I can't believe how talented you are and from what I hear it doesn't stop at baking.

HalfPint said...

Thank you Kathy - I hear the same types of wonderful things about you. We need Gina and Dan to have more gatherings so we can get to talk in person!