Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Electric Guitar & Forged Signatures

I guess when I posted this on the Ipsy Bipsy Facebook Page I totally forgot that I had not yet posted it here. Tah Dah!! An Electric Guitar!! Honestly Honestly I never ever would have thought last fall when I started crying over fallen fondant that I could do this!!

Are there imperfections on this? Well yeah - what piece of art is perfect? But the problem isn't fondant on the corners with this cake!! And that is what I am carrying forward after completing the electric guitar cake. My edges - no matter how weirdly curved - are not split and cracked!!
Is the tweater thing maybe too short? Sure - well, errr, I don't really know a dang thing about electric guitars, so maybe not - could be? When it comes down to it though - are there things I will do different the next time I do a guitar - YES - but I am pleased as punch with this cake - DANG STRAIGHT!!

This cake was made for a friend - who is also kinda Ben's teacher. So that might add to why I was feeling a bit anxious about the outcome. Jenny said "whatever, but Griffin's guitar is red so if it can be red".........then the day before, "well if you could ........" and then, "well now my husband is saying could you sign Les Paul on it" then I felt even more like I was trying to do the best for the teacher - and I started to really research guitars and what a Les Paul is and where you write Gibson and all this other stuff. My thought was "I have to get the signature Les Paul close to dead on - but is that legal to sign a fondant cake? If I post it on my blog will the Gibson company come for me?" Yet I had to make Jenny happy because if I failed Ben might totally get a D in something. Nah - not really - Jenny is too great to hold my failure against him. Plus - I am sure Gibson has bigger strings to pluck then mine.
And in the end I did kinda fail..........

You may recall that the Magic Hat cake was done the same day as this hat (hmmmm....notice a color match?). Well Jenny must have told me what time her party was starting - but in my muddled sinus infection overwhelmed head her party started at 2pm. And if I didn't deliver the cake until Noon I was good. Only that wasn't the reality of the world. So I am getting the cakes done and Dawson's party prepped and I get a text and Jenny says, "Are you lost" I texted back, "ahhhhhh no I am just leaving"......because I was so obviously wrong about the time!! The cake was officially loaded though. Having to still finish D's cake I sent Dave on delivery. Dave so does not like to be the center of attention. Well........he says when he pulled up to deliver he realized the party was already going and as he stepped in the house it was like a Cake Boss episode and everyone starts shouting, "THE CAKE IS HERE!!" and he gets surrounded and Jenny starts getting all excited. Which I TOTALLY would have loved - but a shy guy like Dave just wanted to turn and run home.
Jenny sent texts later saying how cool the cake was and how she LOVED it - so I guess my tardy to class was forgiven.
How cute right? Dave is such a trooper. Too bad Andersen can't carry a cake and drive a car - she would love to deliver!
This was Chocolate Chocolate Chip for the body and Banana for the arm. Vanilla buttercream covered in Vanilla Fondant.
Rock On!!

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