Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Bow Gumpaste

Oops - forgot these Sweet Girlie Cupcakes. These went with the Zebra Stripe cake. They were little pink bows with a Zebra Stripe cupcake paper.

Completely cute picture right? All these little cupcakes with their cute pink bows - which by the way are not fondant, but instead I was trying out Gumpaste. At first the gumpaste was not my friend. I have gotten used to the tempermental feel of fondant - gumpaste is a bit sturdier and harder to manage because it is more resistant - or at least it was more resistant to what I was used to doing with fondant - which is be gentle and it works. Gumpaste you can be a little less careful with, but it wants you to work a little faster or it will dry on you - or only me maybe. Either way - I admit in the end it was a bit nicer to work with because it was sturdier - I just need to adjust the way I do things to work with it again.

Now here is the cool thing - the person I made these for runs a photography business and she took a few pics of the cupcakes (and the Zebra Cake) and gave them back to me. Her pics are AMAZING!!

These cupcakes were Chocolate Chocolate Chip with a Vanilla buttercream icing and a Vanilla buttercream Gumpaste Bow. Tah Dah!!

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