Monday, January 17, 2011

Cody's BlackHawks Jersey

This cake was for our friends - who are a SUPER FREAK hockey family. Well they LOVE many different sports, but hockey seems to be a Big Time favorite of theirs. Cody is my sons Bestest Ever friend. They have been in class together all but one year so far. And it was Cody's birthday - AND he is a fabulous hockey players - so guess what this cake will turn into...........

As you saw above - step one was to take a square cake and shape it to look a bit like a shirt - the next step was to figure out the fondant layering so that I could create the look of a neck - and that is this........
Next layer of fondant covered most of the body of the cake - see what we are going for now? A hockey jersey.

Then I covered the lower half with white fondant - then I did stripes of black - and now it looks like a Black Hawks jersey!! Right?

Add a number. Now cutting this number out free handed was not quite as simple as I thought, but not terrible - still I can now see the merit in having a fondant cutter like a Cricuit to cut out the numbers electronically. Will I run out and get one? No, but I will consider it when I am rolling in dough..........get it? Rolling In Dough? Come on that was funny - admit it.
Next were the sleeves. Way easier then the last jersey sleeve I did a few months back - because I have gotten smarter - roll thicker and move sooner - tah dah!!

Then the logo. This one I thought would be more of a challenge then it was. I used cookie cutters and then molded the shapes to be what the logo looked like. Placed it on a black fondant background and cut around that........

and it turned out really cool! I let it sit a little while (20 min maybe) so that the sugar was more set in the fondant and would stay together better. Then I transferred it to the sleeve shoulder.

What surprised me was that the logo was actually bigger then the shoulder area. Sure if I had measured I would likely have seen that it would be too big, but who does smart stuff like that? Not me obviously!! So I chopped the part of the logo off that didn't fit and ironically it gave it a much more realistic look. Or so I told myself. ;0)

Then I piped the name of the Hockey Birthday Boy onto the cake.........with buttercream - because after hand cutting the BIG numbers the thought of hand cutting TINY letters was daunting - plus the family said I could just letter with icing. For that size though I am going to look for some block letter cookie cutters - they would work perfect.

The whole cake turned out super. And honestly.......I think the parents were WAY more excited then the birthday boy. It was so cute - during the whole process of finishing the cake Sheri would call and say "text me the next picture" - to the point that after a bit I texted her and said, "shhhhh I am working - be quiet"........course we were teasing each other - I loved that she wanted to see each step probably as much as she loved seeing them. She is one of my biggest Cheerleaders!!

This cake was Marble - Chocolate and White - with a Vanilla buttercream and a Vanilla Fondant top. Go Black Hawks!!

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Jennifer Bieszczad said...

A friend of mine just asked me to make this cake so I'm soo happy you have the tutorial here!
One question though, what size cake pan did you use for the original cake?
Thanks :)