Thursday, June 10, 2010

That Cake Was A Mess - FOOD FIGHT!!!

Look at how pretty these kids look. All of Andersen's friends. Clean. Well mannered (well most of them). Nice. Smart. And very happy to have been invited to Andersen's 10th Birthday Party. Why? Well because they are all her besties in the world right? Oh...........and because the party was a FOOD FIGHT!!

To fit the theme we made certain the Mess Up The Cake before it was ever even served. I asked Andersen, "How do we make the cake reflect the theme of the party?" She said, "Throw the cake." Well you can't serve cake that is already thrown, so instead we made it look as though it had been thrown. And then after serving it I am pretty dog gone certain that some of it WAS thrown!!

Because all those cute and clean kids ended up looking like a big 'ole mess by the end of the day...........hoses anyone?

The cake was Yellow on one side and Chocolate on the other side. The icing was Vanilla Buttercream.

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