Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cupcake Break

Time to take a cupcake break. See if you hadn't noticed a lot of the cakes that I do are for my own family and friends. Which of course makes the process much less stressful. Friends of friends are people that I am not as familiar with and I would worry a good deal more about making things perfect. Not a big deal. Easy enough to worry about. Honestly I am kinda of looking forward to worrying about that - because with worry comes the feeling of accomplishment when the person LOVES the cake in the end.

So why a Cupcake Break? Well because you may also have noticed a theme in flavors. Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Banana, White, Yellow and a few Marbles sprinkled in. With Butter cream icing. Totally yummy........but if I ever consider having a bakery I need to have some flavors besides these three. If I am going to offer flavors besides these three I need to start perfecting them. So hence the Cupcake Break. Baking an entire cake and then eating it - well that would make for one big Dave and a nice chunky Patti and a few rolly polly kiddo's. To keep from having to eat a bunch of slices of cake - I am baking individual cupcakes.........and then farming them out for taste tests.

Smart? Brilliant? Maybe. I do know that now when people see me coming with a brown paper bag they smile BIG!!

This set of cupcakes was a from scratch Yellow cake that I was testing. Topped with a Chocolate Cinnamon Butter cream icing. The cinnamon was easy to taste - which surprised me - I thought the chocolate would overwhelm the cinnamon flavor.

Sent them with Andersen to a friends house for a taping of the Yesterday Show she and her friends produce.

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