Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Little Magic

I LOVE this cake. It is just so darn cute! The bunny ears...the hat...the dots of candy confetti. There are cakes that I step back from sometimes and think - "eh, well the kiddo will love it." not exactly loving it myself and wondering if the friend who asked me to do it would care for it much at all. This cake is not like that though. I finished it - looked at it and I swear to goodness it made me wantt to go find a stuffed bunny and hug it!

This angle shows you some of how the bunny ears overlapped as they folded - giving it a flat, yet raised look all at the same time. Magical right? Oh please, you knew I had to say it at some point in this post!!

The cake is Chocolate Chocolate Chip and the icing is a Vanilla Buttercream. Yummy!!

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