Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheer On!!!

After many months of playing it "safe" and doing cakes with Buttercream only........I thought it might be time to try another fondant cake. And this seemed the perfect cake to do. Although I did decide to ice the cake with a blue buttercream leaving the center white.....I added elements of fondant with the cheerleader, the stars and the banner.

At first I was a bit nervous about cutting things out. I currently had zero tools. So it was a wooden rolling pin and some knives that did this handy work. Oh, I did however have a star cookie cutter. There was a bit of self induced aggravation at first ..... I had not figured out how to keep the porous rolling pin from sticking to the fondant once it was worked a bit. However, after figuring out that dusting the pin with powdered sugar helped (duh) things went a bit more smoothly.

The cake is for a friends daughters party. She is in 7th grade so I was a smidge worried that this would be too "cutesy" for her. Until I delivered it. Although I have seen her very cute smile several times - for the most part she is a typical preteen - a smidge too collected to be giddy in front of adults. She took a look at the cake and got a giddy giggle in her eyes and clapped her hands. Then of course she quickly composed herself and said, "Oh that is very nice."

Bonus - I got a moment of girlish giggle glint!! I love delivering!!

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