Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Communion Banner Cake

First Communion is a lot of work on the kiddo's part. Memorizing prayers, learning more about their faith, taking part of communion for the first time in their life. Stuff that can certainly make a kiddo nervous. To make it fun they do things that show their faith through venues they better understand - like art. Ben made a banner that reflected what he saw as his understanding of his First Communion. I will admit that we "went around" about it a few times. My vision was slightly different. Of course the banner was not supposed to be my vision. And it was perfectly Ben's.

Once Ben had the banner done it was my turn to create. This was simple. Almost every celebration in our family ends with a cake. First Communions are no different. We copy the communion banner for our design.

The colors were basic (thank you Ben) and so the cake was easy to color. The design was also straight and to the point (thank you Ben) and so the cake was pretty easy to finish. The most time consuming part was coloring the icing. Not a difficulty really.

The cake was half White Vanilla and half Chocolate. Butter cream icing topped the cake. Yummy.....

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