Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Color Cupcakes

It is FALL!! My favorite season. I think I have worn a hoodie sweat shirt every "non-I am supposed to look somewhat professional at this event" I have attended since the start of the chill. So it is fun to segue my love for fall into cupcakes. These cupcakes I made for our school districts United Way luncheon. My friend basically said, "Whatever you want to make with a fall theme". Which always freaks me out...........too much creative license...........but after asking some key questions I got an idea.

Fondant was the main ingredient for the decorations. I have been considering learning to do gum paste because I understand I can roll that out thinner. Not this day though - went with what I know. Tinted the fondant various colors of fall.

Rolled the apples out first - shaped them in an almost perfect circle and then poked a hole in the top and popped a piece of brown in for a stem.

Then the pumpkins came next - rolled the orange out........

Rolled them into big ole imperfect balls - because when have you ever seen a perfectly round pumpkin? then I used the pizza cutter you see to the right to run lines from top to bottom in no perfect order. Not deeply.

Because then I took one of my fondant tools and deepened the grove - yet at the same time it smoothed the groove - not cutting sharply into the fondant. Poked a hole in the top.

and then popped a brown piece of fondant in for the stem. No broken off pumpkin stems here baby.

For the leaves I took Green, Red, Yellow, Mustard, Orange and Brown fondant. I should have documented this, but there were kids starting to mill a bit and I was scattering them away. Forgot pics. So I rolled the colors in log shapes - lined them up next to one another - rolled them out with a rolling pin - folded them over one another - rolled them out - repeat repeat until I had the color pattern I wanted - then I used leaf shape cookie cutters.

And Tah Dah............the Apple Cupcakes turned out soooo sooo cute! I used some of the leftover leaf fondant to chop into tiny pieces. Then I scattered the small pieces onto the cupcakes without leaves.

Tah Dah...............The Pumpkin Cupcakes!! See the scattered leaves again? I thought that tied all 3 cupcakes into one another - made them look more connected.

Tah Dah.........and finally one of the Fall Leaf cupcakes. I have to admit I held my head up when I completed these.
The cupcakes were 24 - half were Chocolate Chocolate Chip with a Vanilla Buttercream icing - the other 12 were Pumpkin with a Cinnamon Buttercream icing. People actually called from the event wondering about them!!


Anonymous said...

thay look good!!

Household Executive said...

LOVE IT! I need to learn how to do fondant!