Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chocolate Ganache as an Icing......ooooohhhhhh

I saw something like this in a picture on the internet. No idea what kind of cake it was, but the overlay was a Dark Chocolate Ganache like this one. Then they also had a tree on it in these sorts of colors, but it was all done in fondant.......and I didn't feel much like messing with coloring fondant - sooo soooo sooooo much easier to color buttercream icing.

In the end it turned out very cute. The dark background is a nice change for the effect of colors to play off of. The cake was bought from the Craft Bakery by a friend and she raved about how great the moistness inside was. My guess is that once the chocolate hardened NONE of the moisture got out - keeping it nice and moist inside. She loved it so much that she asked a larger one to share with her family on Thanksgiving. I am totally curious about eating a piece of this cake now.........maybe it will show up at one of my families events. Yeah, yeah, I know - test the things you give away - I do, but not ENCASED in chocolate - I just put a bit of ganache on a piece of cake and tasted - yum - but I think that sitting combined for a few hours like this and then tasting would be way different. You know - that flavor combo of a layer cake after the cake has had a chance to mesh into the icing that is between the layers? That is the BEST part!!
This particular cake was Marble on the inside and Chocolate Ganache on the outside - and buttercream for the decorations.

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Jewels8109 said...

And this cake happened to be the best cake I ever had! I know because I bought it. :)