Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kaylyn's Colorful Cake

Okay this cake STARTED colorful. I mean when I finished with the Red Velvet mix it was popping out of the pan Red!! I had never really completely followed a Red Velvet recipe - always thinking that 2oz of red dye seemed over the top. This time - since it was for a friends daughter - I thought I would go the whole 9 yards. OHMYGOODNESS is this red??

So I totally doused that with some plain old Vanilla temper that eye popping color. Well and also so that I could add more color that would pop off.

Because Miss Kaylyn is a very colorful and sweet girl. To match her personality it was decided that she would have various colors and a cute whimsical cake. I think we hit that - how about you?
I created a banner out of fondant - the number 14 out of fondant - and then strung some fondant beading onto wire for a kinda fun addition. Although honestly I think another tier would have matched the wire beading a smidge better. Next years birthday right?
This cake was obvious Red Velvet cake and covered in a Vanilla Buttercream and some Vanilla Fondant.

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