Thursday, November 25, 2010

2 Turkeys.......Happy Thanksgiving!!

The other day I was searching "Turkey Cakes"........the above is similar to what I was looking for - a cartoony looking turkey. Really what I ended up doing was finding a cartoon picture of a turkey and kinda going off of that.

This turkey is cute........Chocolate Chocolate Chip cake (again) and topped with a Chocolate Ganache..........yummy I understand...........

However, this is NOT what peaked my interest. See I have been wondering if I can make something REALISTIC - I do the replica stuff and it is fun and less nerve-racking then I would expect, but there is this voice that says "can you do the stuff you see on TV?"........and then I saw this totally cool picture of a roasted turkey with veggies..........hmmmm.....we were going to relatives for the meal and wouldn't that be fun to bring - because goodness knows I would never ever agree to do a cake for someone saying "sure I can do realistic" without having done it first!!

So to see how easy/hard it might be I decided to make some fondant veggies. There were a bunch of cake with fondant work this you can see peas for future baby shower pea pods, pumpkins, apples, leaves.....but those other things are carrots, potatoes, green beans and my kids TOTAL favorite - brussell sprouts (just kiddin' - my kids hate those).

After making them the next day I came back and painted them. If I had painted them when they were freshly made the paint/water would have made it all kinda mushy. So I thought I would wait a cool are they now? I chopped the carrots up - that was the plan all along - I kept them to dry in their "big" shape so they would stay the right size.

Next was to start the turkey itself. First I lined the bottom of a roasting pan with cake. It kinda crumbled, but I didn't care since it was the "bottom". I just wanted to get a little height off the bottom of the pan to give a wider base for the turkey.

Then I added a round bottomed cake. I used a glass mixing bowl to make this. It is a nice way to get a sweet rounded shape.

With a smaller glass mixing bowl I did another round - just smaller - so that I could have that shape too. These will be the drum sticks. I trimmed both the pieces.........sorry my hands were messy with cake and I couldn't take a picture......

Then I Dirty Iced the cake pieces. Leaving indents in the areas between the base of the turkey and the turkey legs. Doesn't look like a turkey yet? Well keep going......

While waiting for the icing to set so I could put more on top without getting crumbs in it - I made some stuffing. I diced leftover cake into pieces - set the oven to 225 - then popped the cut up pieces into the oven for 30 minutes to dry out.
Guess what this is????? Yep - STUFFING!! Can't have a real bird without the stuffing.
The next step was to give the bird some skin It is kinda creepy looking like this. I did the fondant in a skin tone - then dropped it on the bird shaped cake.
PERFECT edges thank you!!
Course this isn't really like it has a "edge", but there were NO significant cracks of any sort what so ever..............whooo hoooo...........I am getting better at this stuff.
Cool right?? So I took out my trusty paint brush and some coloring tints - painted the skin yellow first - then went over it with brown - that made a kinda gushy surface and I stippled the surface until the sugar started to re dry......if I had stopped before the sugar started to dry back up then the bird would have had a more glazy look and not so much a baked one.

Then after all that I cut a hunk out of the side of the cake. All that work right? Dropped some stuffing into the hole - filled in the empty spaces around the turkey with more stuffing and then put the veggies in.

AWESOME!! I am so excited about taking this to the Family Feast!! And I can guarantee that not a single one of my kids is going to complain when I say "eat a green bean please".
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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