Friday, November 19, 2010

Perfect Fondant Edges - FINALLY!!

Tah Dah!!!!!! I have been working so hard each time I do a fondant cover to get the edges perfect with minimal notice my goal is NOT even to try to keep the fondant from cracking at all......Geez O I would be totally happy with just a little cracking - but generally I get a TON of cracking up the side from the base and or off the edge - but not this time......

I was sooo sooo pleased. And just a few minutes earlier I had been finishing off another cake for the Craft Show Bakery Table and I had been growling loudly enough that Dave shuttled all the children out of the kitchen - possibly for their safety, but most likely just in case a curse word escaped my lips. See the BEAUTIFUL curve over the edge into the base!!!!

Do You Hear that???? Listen really really closely............yes, it is.........Angels are singing that very high pitched song that you hear in movies and stuff when there is a total moment of ZEN!!

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Now the real trick.........can I do it again???

This cake was a Pumpkin Spice cake with a Cinnamon Buttercream icing underneath a Vanilla Fondant......yummy!!!! It sold.....yea!

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