Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kalee's Flowers

These cupcakes were for a neighbor. Her daughter went off to college this year and on this particular weekend she was home visiting. Molly wanted to send her off with some cute cupcakes to share with her roomies in the dorm.

She said "simple colorful flowers". At first I thought lots of different colors, but then my own daughter said I should do the "team" colors for her college. Red and White it was.

So I made a few cupcakes - popped on some cute red and white flowers (although the white ones are somewhat invisible against the buttercream) and pretty cupcakes were born.
These cupcakes were Strawberry cake with a Vanilla Buttercream icing. Yum!! If you mix a bit of strawberry puree into the buttercream these will taste almost exactly like a Strawberry shortcake!


mjblaze said...

I'm making cupcakes out of box mixes today (2) for a memorial tomorrow. Aren't u proud of me? Those u did are very pretty :)

HalfPint said...

I am very proud of you - whoo hooo!! I made Gooey's yesterday - did you ever try that recipe?